Monday, 20 May 2013

Getting started - Installing BackTrack5r3 on VMware Workstation 8.

In the previous tutorial, we run our BackTrack on VMware. Now we want to install it on VMware so that we dont have to run it on the .iso file and able to create files and folders on it.

Run your BackTrack VM and log in to the account. On the desktop, click on 'Install BackTrack'

Choose your preferred language and click Forward

Choose your region and click Forward

Choose your Keyboard layout and click Forward

By default, BackTrack will use all available disk allocated during the setup. Click Forward

Click Install

Installation will take between 20mins to 40mins.

Once completed, click Restart Now

Click Enter

The VM will reboot and once you login to your account and run the #startx, you will get your GUI. You can further test your installation by removing the .iso from the VM settings and start it to see if BackTrack can run without the .iso file.

Cheers. :)

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