Monday, 30 September 2013

Convert Batch file to Exe and Make it Hidden when Executed

Ever wonder how to hide the executable once it has been double clicked? 

One of the naughty things that i like to do upon creating a batch file is to convert it to a dot exe as i dont want people to easily see the script i created simply by right clicking on the .bat file and open with notepad. No No! I need to find a way to convert it to something that normal users even some IT professional will have a hard time reverse engineering the exe application to see the script within. 

I found a great application called "Advance BAT to EXE Converter Pro" that did the neat trick for me.

But hold on, there are two more awesome things you can do with this application. One of it is the ability to change the icon of the exe to your desired icon!!!

Another ability which is also my fave is the ability to be invisible once executed! But here's the catch. In order for you to have this option, you need to purchase the license first. Sounds fair. 

Overall i think its worth the money you spent on this application. There are many more abilities this application can do. You just have to explore it to believe it....

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