Saturday, 4 January 2014

#OpExposeHeatherChua - Uncovering 'Her' Bentley

So the self declared rich, elite, well to do 'girl' Heather Chua who has been posting hate messages on 'her' Facebook account criticizing and insulting the Malays, the ITE students, the Middle class and the Poor is now the talk of the town. SMRT Ltd (Feedback), the page made famous from its constant awesome trolling of others has gone on a personal vendetta to find out who this person actually is. 

While i did my fair share of recon on this person, i realized that there have been many others who posted about their findings on 'her'. I already suspected 'her' to be a fake profile ever since i came across 'her' profile. To cut the story short, i did my part for the curious Singaporeans to analyze some of the photos 'she' posted and here is one of my analysis.

So on the 29th December, 'she' posted about her Bentley proudly talking about it on Facebook. Something just caught my eye and aroused myself to launch a 30 minute investigation/analysis on this picture she posted.

The Facebook Post and the Picture of 'her' Bentley.

Looks Normal? Well Look Closer....

Focus on the Plate Number and i found 3 mishaps

Now that's not all. 'Her' statement below also aroused my suspicion when she said "not only did i shade the number off but i also changed the background colour to another effect so don't bother asking." 

The only reason why she changed the color of the background is because she might not want others to do a cross image reference using online forensic image cross referencing tools. Google has the ability to allow users to upload any pic and Google will search, based on the color, background image, density, tone of the image uploaded and search its database to see whether similar photos are uploaded or located elsewhere. This could also be a reason why 'she' cropped her photos to a point where Image finder couldnt reference it with other pics. Well played 'Heather'. You might be able to fool some but you can't trick a trickster. 

Oh and 1 last thing. For a pretty woman who have it all, its weird for someone like 'her' to spend 80% of her time insulting others on Facebook. 

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