Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Websense Security Seminar - A Presentation

So after our presentation at the ABS-FITA Cyber Security Seminar, we were invited to present our demo in another seminar organized by Websense.

It wasn't as big as the ABS-FITA seminar but it was still exciting nonetheless. The crowd was about 100-120 people from different backgrounds. It was great to see my brief bio on the speaker's website. 

Felt more confident this time round especially after the stressful pressure on the previous demo. Good thing was, we nailed it smoothly. Everything went smooth and we managed to put the 'WOW' look on some of the audience. After the demo, we were greeted by some of the audience who asked more about the capabilities of our team and pretty much the sales representatives from BT took over the conversation. 

Here are some of the photos taken by one of the attendees:

A Brief Bio

The Layout 

 The Finale

Bringing it all together

Notice the 'BT EHCOE' on Kali Wallpaper?

 Command and Commands

NEXT STOP: Presenting in DEFCON KERALA!!!!

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