Tuesday, 2 December 2014

BSidesVienna - A Conference for the Cyber Geeks

Had the privileged to speak at BSidesVienna in Austria. When we reached there from Athens, we were excited and were pleasured by the cold breeze weather of the country. We stayed at the Intercontinental Wien and the conference, which was at Top Kino bar was located about 25mins away from the hotel.

Once we reached this cinema, we were greeted by the organizers, Chris, Olaf and other men in white. One awesome thing about BSides conferences is that they keep on to their tradition of providing free Tshirts! Hell, i waited no further to get myself one!

Despite two tracks in two different cinemas, i was pleased with the organization of the conference. Free drinks were provided in the bar and the cooling atmosphere simply gave me the addon pleasure of drinking hot chocolate! The couple serving at the bar were friendly.

Overall, the speakers had great topics to share. Some of the talks i enjoyed were the following:
1) The A, The P and the T by Marion Marschalek
2) Hijacking label switched networks in the cloud by Paul Coggin
3) Screw Compliance! Why security standards kill security! by Johannes Stillig

For my talk, i had abit of an issue both the words that came out of my mouth and the projector issues that was able to show only 70% of my slides. But i am glad that the audience understood and able to generate some giggles and laughter throughout my 40 mins presentation.

Overall, it was a great experience and since this was my first time speaking to an audience of European geeks, it will definitely be something i won't forget.

For more info: http://bsidesvienna.at/

Some of the pictures:


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