Friday, 20 March 2015

Null Singapore Security Meet Up - March

I received a tweet from an Indian friend of mine Ajin Abraham asking me to check out a 'mini-con' called Null Singapore. As i was travelling during the period of the first meet up, i said i'll be attending the one in March instead.

It was pretty interesting to attend this small group of security enthusiasts and i thought i need to check out the atmosphere there as well. So a week before 19th March, i shared this meetup to my Facebook group 'Singapore Cyber Security Enthusiasts' where i share latest security articles, news and conferences in Singapore or overseas. It wasn't a bad response, about 4 signed up for the meetup.

On the 19th March, we set foot for the meetup. Located at Craig Road, and fortunately 5 mins away from my office and 10 mins away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, it was quite a convenient location (well at least for me). When we reached the place, we saw an empty office from the front and there were no signs to say 'Go here for Null Singapore' or anything to direct us. Well, it was not a big deal, the entrance was on the side of the building, opposite the street soccer court and it was at level 2. 

When we reached inside, the room was silent and there were already people sitting. My first though was, will there be enough seats. Well fortunately, despite the full house, everyone managed to be seated either at the sofa area or the foldable chairs. 

Started with the newsbytes by Suman Sourav sharing the latest news in the security world, from the Lenovo malware to the Carbanak Cyber gang that infiltrated the banks and stole over $1Bn. 

Suman Sourav sharing the latest news

Next was Randen Rosete who shared about the IoT (Internet of Things) and the mistakes made by developers for not properly securing the APIs that in some or many cases leave the default passwords in clear text giving a hacker the ability to intercept and create exploits easily. 

Randen Rosete and the problems with IoT

Lastly, we had a sharing session about infrastructure security by Sriram Narayanan discussing on the mistakes made, the impact of the mistakes and how it was resolved and finding the root cause of the issue. 

Sriram Narayanan on the mistakes made and lessons learned in Infrastructure security

Another 'last minute' event was the 'ice breaking' event, suggested by Paul Craig from Vantage Point security, a company specializing in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing where we all gave a brief introduction of ourselves at the end of the meetup. 

I have to say, this is a small but great atmosphere with security enthusiasts from various fields such as software engineering, application security, infrastructure, networking, threat intelligence, VA/PT and others. 

I am definitely looking forward to visit again next month.

For more information on Null Singapore Meetup: 

FB Group 'Singapore Cyber Security Enthusiasts': 

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