Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Null Singapore Security Meetup - July

I had the opportunity to present at Null Singapore, a monthly security meetup group here. The last time i presented was about Vulnerability Assessment on SCADA systems but this time, due to a career change (or upgrade), i presented about my exploration into the deep web.

The deep web as most (or some) know it as the part of the internet not indexed by typical search engines like Google or Yahoo. It is a part of the internet where sources say most of the stuffs reside. According to an article, google managed to index up to only 4% of the world wide web...so where are the rest? The answer: Deep Web. 

My journey to the deep web wasn't a fun one. Instead, the deeper i go, the weirder i found. From selling of drugs, abuse of humans, selling of weapons, hackers for hire, assassins for hire and much much more. It is alarming to see the so called criminal activity that resides in there and due to the anonymity of the connection to each site, it is very hard to be monitored, tracked or charged by law enforcers.

In this presentation, i presented about the things i found in the deepweb. You can download the slides here. http://www.slideshare.net/FadliBSidek/red-riding-hood-in-the-deep-dark-woods

Dias presenting about Bitcoin and its role in privacy

Randen presenting about the security newsbytes

Myself presenting about the Deepweb

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