Saturday, 6 July 2013

Websploit on BackTrack5r3 - Updating Websploit and its Framework

Websploit  is the Metasploit version for Web Application. It can scan, crawl and exploit vulnerable websites using its database of payloads. 

Fire up Websploit:
#cd /pentest/exploits/websploit

Now close the terminal and let's upgrade the Websploit
#apt-get install websploit

After the upgrade, we run websploit again 
And we can see now that its upgraded to the latest version

To see the list of options, type
> help

Lets update the Websploit framework
> update

After you updated it, you may notice that when you run # ./websploit again, you get the error 'Permission Denied'

To solve this, simply do (this is to provide permission to the program)
#chmod a+x websploit

And when you execute # ./websploit again, you are back in business.

Get Websploit from:

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