Friday, 23 August 2013

Deleted Facebook Pictures: Are they really deleted?

We all love uploading photos to our Facebook wall and albums but sometimes we just wanna get rid of them for whatever reasons we have.. so we delete them and wash our hands...but the question is, are your deleted photos truly been deleted from the Facebook server?

Lets test it out...

Upload any pic to your Facebook wall.

Uploaded a pic and set the privacy to 'Only Me'

 Right Click on your newly uploaded pic and open the image in new tab.

 The new uploaded pic in a new tab.

Now, on the FB wall, delete the pic

Now go back to your pic that opened in a new tab and click refresh or reload. Still there? Now log out your FB account and refresh the pic. Still there?

In an article published in 2012, deleted photos was still online for 3 years!!

Scary isn't it? 

Here's the link to it, let's see how long it will take before the image/link expires.

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