Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Published Article: AV Evasion

Another article published by PenTest magazine! 

In this article, i demonstrate an end to end process on how to create a malware using open source tools and used it to avoid being detected by Anti Virus applications. However, besides demonstrating on how to evade them, i also described on how to prevent against such things using additional features from AV vendors.

The Cover Page

The First Page

The Last Page

The full article/magazine can be downloaded for free at


  1. Encoders are for getting around protocol limitations and bad chars. Not for AV Evasion. Im afraid you've fallen foul of the encoder myth!

    Metasploit wrote an article on this:

    Other references:

    1. Hi Snake Plisskin,

      Thank you for the comment and the references. Truly appreciate it.