Monday, 30 December 2013

2014 - Year of the Privacy?

2012 was a year known famously for the amount of security breaches made. From Sony to Yahoo to Google have inadvertently had their personal data being leaked out. Most breaches were done from the server side.


2013 on the other hand was labelled as the year of the hack. As early as March 2013, companies from Apple, to Facebook and Twitter got hacked and this does not include the hacking incidents in Singapore.

For Singapore, 2013 is seen as the year with a record of hacking incidents. Hacking related incidents such as the hack on Kong Hee's wife website to Anonymous threats to Singapore Government, the XSS attack on PMO and ISTANA website, the web defacement to Singapore schools websites, Singapore's Museum website and personal information got leaked and recently, the bank statements of Standard Chartered high profile clients got stolen.

Kong Hee's Wife Website Hacked

AMK Town Council Website Hacked

Anonymous Threats and Hacks in Singapore

Singapore Art Museum Website Hacked

Singapore Schools Websites Hacked

Standard Chartered Clients Statements Stolen

With such a record number of hacking incidents in Singapore, 2013 will be known as the year Singapore got hacked the most. The year many security professionals from private organizations to governments, were placed on high alert and standby. It was indeed a tough year for security professionals in Singapore.

So what will 2014 be? 

A preview of whats going to happen were shown throughout 2013. Privacy has been another hot topic besides hacking. The case of Edward Snowden leaking out files from the NSA which tackles the US government spying on its citizens, the security of encryption keys, the spying of Malaysia by Singapore, the spying of Indonesia by Australia, the privacy of consumers against telemarketers

The Serious Leaks by Snowden

The Allegations against Encryption Companies

The Spying of Indonesia by Australia

The Spying Report of Malaysia by Singapore

PDPC Backfires on Consumer's Privacy

All of these are previews of what may happen and will be the hot topic of discussion for 2014. While hacking will not stop, i predict that 2014 will be the year of privacy. The year of consumers questioning the privacy of their data and personal information. The year where companies will start concerning themselves with the security of their clients data. The year security vendors will get the most calls about privacy concerns and solutions. 

Even the Security Rockstar Bruce Schneier in his interview with 'Motherboard' said the following related to the security of our data:
"I'm worried about governments, the US and other governments. I'm worried about how they are using our data, how they're storing our data, and what happens to it. I'm less worried about the criminals. I think we've kinda got cyber-crime under control, it's not zero but it never will be. I'm much more worried about the powerful abusing us than the un-powerful abusing us."

So in summary:
2012: the year of Security Breaches
2013: the year of the Hack
2014: the year of Privacy (just a prediction)

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  1. Privacy has always been a concern but I was shocked finding out that Singapore was spying on Malaysia