Monday, 21 July 2014

World War Zero - Time Magazine

This month's Time magazine has a very fascinating cover and the title is quite enticing especially to those people in the information security field.

"World War Zero! The global battle to steal your secrets is turning hackers into arms dealers."

A short preview of the article below simply made me wanna get the magazine.

So after i got my hands on a copy, i flipped straight to the article. The article is mainly about a story of a hacker called Aaron Portnoy who loves to find bugs and zero days on software and applications and how bugs are now becoming a profitable business for both the good guys and bad.

The image below 'A Bug's Life' is a high level portrayal of the stages involved when selling a bug. 

$33,500 for a Facebook bug!!! Holy Molly!!

One scary thing about Critical Infrastructures is that there are many of them connected to the Internet!

And i loved the conclusion of this article.

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