Tuesday, 21 October 2014

DefCamp D-CTF Challenge

On the 18th of October, Defcamp conference organized a hacking CTF challenge to the public called D-CTF. As we had participated in several CTF events, (from SANS, Symantec CRC and recently from NUS SoC) we decided to take up this challenge just for the fun of it and see how well we can do in a CTF organized by the Europeans.

The banner of the CTF challenge

The challenges. The Quest and the MISC challenges are the ones that need to think out of the box.

Try solving these non-technical challenges. :)

951 teams participated and though we didn't make it to the top 10, i am pleased to see a Singapore team 'Dystopian Narwhals' to be at the 30th spot.

A short bio of the 'Dystopian Narwhals'. I've seen this team participated/participating in many CTF events and they have been doing well in many competitions/challenges be it online or offline. 

This experience allowed me to gather a group of cyber security enthusiasts to form a team to join this challenge and thus Defcon SG is born.. We were happy to be in the 57th spot out of 951 teams that participated. :)

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