Tuesday, 14 October 2014

NUS SoC Hacking Challenge 2 - Search For Me

Challenge 2 - Search For Me.

So this is what i see. 2 images and enter the text value. 

I have to be honest, this was not easy. If i had not been given a tip, i would never would have found the answer to this challenge. So what i did first was to identify what these pictures and how they might be related. Saved the first image on my Desktop.

Then, thanks to Google Image search, i uploaded the image and let Google search for whatever answer it could find.

Pretty much, the first clue. The image is actually a band called Peppermint Creeps.

Next, is this creepy image of a Doll. Like what i did above, i could not find a proper relation to this image and to the band. However, when i looked at the name of the image file, the name was 'brokendoll.jpg'.

Searching on Google using the term 'Perppermint Creeps' and 'Broken Doll', the above image was what i noticed. Something that can be related in the information security affairs. But first, as part of my analysis, i listened and read the lyrics and watched the video clips from both 'Broken Dollz' and 'Heartbleed' but yeah, it was a waste of time. It didn't help - but good songs though.

Guessing that the 'Heartbleed' term could be my next clue, i went to the Heartbleed website and noticed a string of characters that i would perhaps guessed to be the flag. At first, i input only the numbers without the dashes, nothing, then the numbers with the dashes - still nothing and then i copied the whole CVE-2014-0160 string and pasted it to the form.

And when i clicked Submit. Oh yeah!!!! Level 2 Owned!!!!

Next Stop - Level 3!

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