Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Null Singapore Security Meet Up - May

Null Singapore is back for the fourth time and this month's meetup was by far the best turnout with almost 60 people (it was around 18-20 people for the first one). Just like the previous month's meet up, it was held at ThoughtWorks (thanks to Prasanna K again and again for the location) 

As usual, started with introducing what Null Singapore is all about, the head organizer, Imran, shared with the crowd the objectives, benefits and direction of Null Singapore and how this meetup aims to help people gain knowledge and network with security pros, enthusiasts and professionals, n00b or expert, everyone has something to offer. 

Stefan from Vantage Point presented on an interesting topic 'Why Pentesting Sucks' on which he shared the challenges faced in developers as well as penetration testers on application security and the loopholes that exist in the software development process when it comes to security. I presented a comment and scenario where certain situation, organizations who buy software do not have access to its source code thus its tough to tackle the security assessment in the development stage of the software. This comment however turned out to generate a number of rebuttals and spurned into a mini discussion between the members of the audience providing their points on how that situation can be tackled through procurement processes and trust between the company and the software vendors. Definitely a potential avenue to have panel discussion with the audience in future meetups.

Prasanna K from Thoughtworks, then presented about hacking hypervisor, specifically Xen hypervisor in which he, not only shared the theory of the topic but also the practical demo on how easy it was to gain root access to the virtual machine from a less privileged user through taking advantage to one of the source codes. 

Overall, i believed it was a great turnout and again i had fun especially seeing more people attending the meetup. I can't wait to see what future will it holds for this Null Singapore... who knows it can be as awesome as BSides conferences! Now thats what i wanna see!

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