Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Null Singapore Security Meetup - June

Null Singapore is back for the fifth time and like last month, it was a full house and another record of an attendance! Credits given to NSHC Pte Ltd for providing us a room for us to have our meetup.

We start our meetup by introducing ourselves, what Null Singapore is all about, its aims, its objectives and how does this meetup benefit the audience from networking to potential cooperation with one another. This was presented by Prasanna or PK as Imran, the chapter leader was away.

Randen then presented on the security news bytes, the security events that happened in the last few weeks ranging from malware, phishing and critical infrastructures.

Michael Heinzl, from SEC Consult presented on the topic 'Finding vulnerabilities using Fuzzing'. It was an interesting topic as he demonstrates how fuzzing assist in the finding of unknown vulnerabilities and how such vulnerabilities could be turn into an exploit to further penetrate into the systems/applications. Sharing statistics of his research and end with a cool demo, Michael was able to show the audience not just in a theoretical sense but in a practical way as well.

Vincent Tan, from Vantage Point presented on the topic 'Breaking BYOD in IOS'. This was an extremely interesting talk as he shares his research and how IOS can be broken into with tools that he developed. I would not dive into the contents of his presentations (as agreed), but i'd say the delivery of the presentations, the demonstrations and the key takeaways are properly formatted and presented.

Both presenters ended with a round of applause and it was really great to see people enjoying the presentations and coming up to the speakers to know more about it. Alas, after it was all over, the 'after scene' networking session starts. I see people from different companies shaking each other's hands, getting to know each other despite the 'competition'. This is exactly what security meetups are all about... in conferences, we are never competitors...we are all enthusiasts...

Join us and get informed:

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