Friday, 26 September 2014

Singapore Governmentware 2014

Attended Govware recently which was held in Suntec City Convention Center on the 23rd - 25th of September.

Had a lot of great talks but of course dont expect the kind of Defcon or BSides Technical talks as these were more focused to decision makers as well as C & S level people on the latest emerging technologies that would assist them to protect their organizations.

And since i have this interest in Critical Infrastructure and SCADA, i attended the following tracks which provided a holistic view of the Critical Infrastructure issues and how their products or services can assist organizations.

One of the things i liked about Govware is the Cyber challenge CTF event that allow students and hacking enthusiasts to participate and test their hacking skills. As a past CTF participant myself, i know the pressure and the fun involved in such events.. whoever the winner will definitely has something to brag about!

And of course, the many vendors and product booths. Some showed awesome demonstrations, some provided free Tshirts, stickers and USB sticks!

And yeah, thats me having a selfie at Govware! ;)

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