Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Hackers Conference - Where Professionals and Hackers Meet

I had the privilege to have my paper accepted and invited to speak at The Hackers Conference in New Delhi, India. This is my second time speaking in security conferences in Incredible India. The first time was at Kerala.

What i find fascinating was how professional the conference was organized and conducted. The key note speakers were interesting especially when politicians were involved and how the Indian government is making an effort to work together with the brilliant security enthusiasts of India into developing the country's cyber security framework. Personally, i feel that with the increasing amount of Indians into cyber security and the nation's bright students and education shifting its gear from just programming and application development into creating of cyber security application, tools, policies and frameworks, i foresee that India will be one of the top leading nation when it comes to Cyber Security in 10-20 years time.

The Banner from its website

I also had the privileged to meet security professionals that have been in the security community scene globally. One of them was Rahul Sasi, a speaker and a hacker that had spoken to most top notch conferences worldwide, and the other was Mohit Kumar, the author and webmaster of The Hacker News website. 

Me with Mohit Kumar

Me with Rahul Sasi

The topics were interesting from general security to deep level technical talks. I enjoyed most of the talks and its great to see students showcasing their research in 'breaking' stuffs. Despite not able to catch some of the speakers words as English was not their primary language, i still had a great time listening and viewing the content of their slides. Some are too wordy and some simply filled with pictures. 

The Topics

Eventually, it was the talks that made the conference alive. Due to time factors, i had to shorten my talk hence, i was not able to elaborate and articulate some of the key slides in my presentation. Despite that, i managed to share the key points of my contents of the talk..something the audience should be able to take away.

And of course, what better to way to end the day than to receive the goodies/souvenirs from the conference!

A file folder, a brochure, a cup and for the speakers; a plaque of appreciation.

I even got myself a certificate of appreciation for attending the conference! How cool is that?! 

Everyone that made this a successful conference!

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