Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Back to the Future II - The Tech and Toys that came true

In the spirit of Oct 21st 2015, the date Marty McFly travelled to the future to save his son and eventually himself in Back to the Future II, i re-watched this classic again and gathered some of the tech and toys that were correctly predicted in the movie.

Travelling 'back' to the Future!

1. Handheld camera with facial recognition technology.

Back in the 80s, there were no handheld and slim cameras not to mention facial recognition technology that now in 2015, almost all cameras in our slim rectangular shaped mobile phones possessed. 

2. Laser Discs and CD ROMs are obsolete

While Laser Discs were long gone since the millenium, who would have thought that CD Roms (see closely on the right -where they were dumped) which was famously used in the 90s till 2000s. are also being dumped. Now in 2015, almost all the latest computers do not come preinstalled with a CD Rom player and everything has now switched to flashdrives. Its amazing to see how eerily accurate this image is and that we in 2015 rarely or no longer need to use CD/DVD ROMs in our computer systems. 

3. 3D and Hologram Technology

3D movies and lately the usage of hologram technology in concerts are just some of the good examples of why this was correctly predicted.

4. Games using hands are old

In this clip, Marty McFly was seen to play an old cowboy game in the Cafe 80s, bar. Two kids after seeing Marty playing the game, commented that playing games using hands are for babies. Now we have seen how games are evolved from handheld controllers to using wireless motion technology known as Kinect!

5. Not Hooverboards but..... Skate Scooters!

Well, hooverboards are still a long way to go but this represents another type of 'transportation' to which we have that is called 'Skate scooters'. See how it was played in the movie and how the skate sccoter is played today. Similar right?

6. Biometric Fingerprint Authentication for Homes

The future is indeed here Back in the Future! Biometric fingerprint technology to authenticate before unlocking home doors. This technology are now being used in many homes and offices!

7. Voice Recognition to on the Lights

"Lights on" and there, the lights are on. This voice recognition to on the lights is another thing that most smart homes are already using.

8. Wall Projectors

Back in the day, we use OHP Projector to display black images from a transparent A4 size plastic. Video images are not something that was capable back then. Now we have projectors that can display images and videos on almost anywhere. 

9. Smart Home Monitoring Technology

Did anyone spot this? Look on the right above the 2 cylinders. Doesn't it look like a monitoring system for the home? Something that is now being used in Smart Home monitoring to monitor temperatures, or to control home electrical appliances.

10. Touch and Go Fingerprint Payment Technology

Though not implemented in taxis, the technology for a touch and go fingerprint payment system has already exists. Check out this company

11. Multi Channel Smart TV and 55 inch LCD TV!

Its not until the late 90s or the millenium where TVs were getting thinner. Even a Plasma TV is still much thicker. Now most homes have at least a 55inch LCD TV being hanged on the wall and subscribing to cable allow us to view multiple channels at once! Spot on!

12. Google Glass?

Remember Google Glass? Though Google Glass 'died' as soon as it first arrived, it doesn't stop the fact that a similar glasses was seen in Back to the Future where one can see who is calling and speaking on the glasses!

13. Video Conferencing

Skype, Kinect, MSN, Yahoo.... need i say more? 

Is there anything i missed? Let me know. ;)

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